Aoi Haggen

Leader of the Gamma Federation



Combat Expert +3
Cute +1
Evasive +1
Minions +2
Position of Power +4


Absent Minded +2
Ageism +2
Code of Conduct (Military Discipline) +2
Poor +1


date_a_live_11.jpg Aoi is the leader of the Gamma Federation despite only being in her mid twenties. Growing up poor, Aoi wanted great things for herself and saw the military as her only option. All throughout her childhood she spent her time studying various tactics and manuals in order to gain an edge. On her 18th birthday she enlisted and quickly rose through the ranks.

When the first message was sent out by Heinrich, she was the only one who took it seriously enough that she raised a fuss with her superiors. Due to her youth she was dismissed but when things went horribly wrong a few months later, she was put into a position of power and charged with coming up with a task force to deal with the problem.

Aoi Haggen

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